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  1. Have a nice day all !And thx for all the help
  2. Thx dude this worked for me !!! Cheers bro !
  3. Man there are some shit maps in QM now
  4. My game all of a sudden lags so i wanne donwload the games again ,but xwis hasnt got yuri revenge download any more ? Any help ?
  5. Some maps i almost dont get in QM and others i get over and over again ?
  6. I think most people will disagree with you on that 1
  7. I think more people like ra2 if u look at the activity.
  8. 172 games in 24 hours yuri vs 650 games RA2 games played in 24 hours? and ra2 had this daily, i really don't get this .
  9. After the huge succes of last month ? 🤣 Which of u guy's desides this ?
  10. What happend ? Couldnt play much coz of my work, but i just logged in and i was like WTF Red alert 2 in QM!!
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