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Everything posted by Showtimera2

  1. I think more people like ra2 if u look at the activity.
  2. 172 games in 24 hours yuri vs 650 games RA2 games played in 24 hours? and ra2 had this daily, i really don't get this .
  3. After the huge succes of last month ? 🤣 Which of u guy's desides this ?
  4. What happend ? Couldnt play much coz of my work, but i just logged in and i was like WTF Red alert 2 in QM!!
  5. Could this be implemented ?
  6. Try dif renderer ,don't know just trying to help
  7. I uninstalled my scanner then i tryed it again and now i get this ok Its working, Thx for ur help mister dkeeton
  8. ok but i unistalled and now when i isntall cncnetlauncher i get this , i put cnclauncher in my antivirus as a exeption and still it wont install ,when iignore this error i get the next SS
  9. unistalled and now icant install cncnet launcher
  10. It placed the files in quarentine and i put hem back ? Or dont u mean that ? Btw ffg does work
  11. Turned off my virus scanner and my firewall ,but still i get this
  12. When some 1 joins it takes for ever to get connected ? This is when there are a lot of people online
  13. I don't see how this information can help you ?Really ? U that dumb ? Open ur eyes do it atleast for ur childeren ,but ok well find out THIS year ! Whos right and whos wrong. 1 Tip Watch trump,they will fall this year (at least prossecuted)
  14. Dude ur a new player ,dont talk stupid plz
  15. Good player dont complain about engis no more,so i dont know who u have been playing ?
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