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  1. Hi Yosef, I found that my map would become very laggy and sometimes crash with the default AI settings, because I had spawned hundreds of units that were still alive. You can try changing the [AI] and [General] sections:
  2. Thank you for this Yosef, very detailed explanation! In the end, I thought it would be too many triggers because I want players to be any country except Cuba/Russia (and maybe Libya) because I have some custom AI for those countries, so I put a lot of gattling guns on the right side of the pavement and when some are destroyed the trigger is fired, but excellent explanation!
  3. What did you find Merc? Did you solve it? How did you get it working for TSun?
  4. Hello. I noticed in FA2 there is a Trigger Event called `26 Crosses Vertical Line`. I've put this on the right side of the center of the map with the event parameters "[email protected]" and the trigger actions is to enable another trigger, play a speech and play hells march 2. Unfortunately, the trigger doesn't fire. I moved the trigger onto the map with "place on map" and then clicking on a cell in the map, and the little red thing with X appears. Now I want the trigger to fire if I send units to the right side of the map, but it doesn't fire. I literally put tanks on top of the cell and drive them in circles but the trigger doesn't fire. Is there a way to do this, or do I need to use a long series of `59 Entered or Overflown By... (YR)` to separate the map in two? Attached is a test map, just a basic map with some stuff for fooling around easily, you should see the trigger activate when crossing the concrete line on the right, but it doesn't seem to work. test_1.map
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