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CnCNet Ladder Nicknames Update


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As of today, you are no longer able to have multiple nicknames in a competitive ladder month. 

  • You are now limited to just one nickname of your choice.
  • To use your nickname, activate it by clicking "Play with username" and it will appear in your Quick Match client.
    You will be able to deactivate a nickname after a month. 
  • Manage your ladder account panel by clicking here


The following rules apply:

  • One user account only.
  • One nickname per ladder type only.

Note this only applies to ranked matches using the Quick Match client. 

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You both seem to be confused.
The nickname you use to log into CnCNet is unregistered and only active when you're logged in.
The nickname you use on the ranked matches and ladder is created through a registered account on the ladder website.

The two nicknames have no association with each other.

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4 hours ago, `Bea5ty said:

LOL, thats why i wrote ' rules should be '  ?

That's not a 'rule', that would mean that you would have to register on the cncnet website before you can log-in and play.
Which a lot of people are not willing to do due to laziness... Hence why it works the way it does.

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Good work dude, also if there are away to save the PM of Cncnet and the chat of the room and the main chat when I be online on cncnet client.. I sometimes need to see what we talked about, also some links we missed.  
I remember the hotmail msn save them on PC as notepad and you can open them from the history of the msn and can show them from msn too.

Can you make that too for us?

Edited by YosefAnan
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Great first step towards a bether cnc. 

Butt i agree with Beast, meaning also only 1 name for the normal client, wich whill result in no more hiders, cheaters and a bether overall experience.

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