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trz banned on forums why?


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Trz got banned on forums, what is the reason? and when are you going to unban him?

If its because he piss people off, that is not a valid reason at all. A lot of people piss me off, but they shouldn't be banned.

Also i noticed some people go way off topic to talk shit to trz, ive seen these and the mods can go to different topics on forum and see for them self, they deserve a ban too then?

that said, he needs to place his vote, on ladder stuff, even if people dislike him, since he plays it a lot.


For the record: Even i get pissed at trz now and then, that's how it is. But we are already lacking players, don't want people to stop because they feel exiled.


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6 hours ago, TRZ said:

Yes, and for what? What forum rule was broken or what warn was placed on my name? There is no justification, only bias from someone that didnt like what I had to say.  Id love to be quoted by post - to see what exactly got me put on limited posting.

You are not limited in how much you can post.

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