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Regarding New QM changes


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Just wanted to make a post thanking everyone involved in unscrewing the QM ladder from the horrible adjustments that were implemented last year.


The new map selection is nothing short of amazing and is been a hugely needed update for TS for many years.


when QM first came out I wasn’t a big fan because of how alien it is to classic TS but it’s grown on me over time. But last year when the updates were made to favor a very select few group of people it really made it unplayable for me and I stopped using it all together (Several others have proclaimed a similar experience)


Now that things are back to being fair, balanced, and in proper spirit of competition I’m excited to get on and start using it regularly once I get back. Based on activity it looks like several people can share this sentiment.


Great job and let’s keep moving things forward.

TS 2020



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