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Copy net code from spring



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From speaking with Hyper a while ago, i appear to recall that at least some of the CnC and or RA code was there and it was latter 2D cnc's where the issues cropped up. Then again im note sure if the cnc source code was the 95 port or not (which of course is the one we want) and my information is more outdated than TS:bob.


Editing things like network support is a pain without the source[1], possible, but id think Nyerguds would slap you if you asked him to do it! We are all better sticking with CnCNet and LAN over WAN.



[1] anything is doable in the computer world, it may not be worth it however.  To back up my claim see one TS ipv6 patch http://ts.sesse.net/

Never did get in touch with the guy, at least now however i have some programming knowledge.



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It is possible to implement such a system; yes (It would have to be an external program though). The amount of work required is not balanced out by the need for it and its not something me or anyone else around here would even entertain doing (in the least of the part about copying another game's implement); especially since C&C95 has had its net-code fixed already and RA has a more then sufficient existing one.



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