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Yuri's Revenge



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Yes, and all you need is a legal installation of Yuri's Revenge. This can be from an optical disk or digitally through Origin.

If you go the digital route which I recommend, the package you want is The Ultimate Collection which costs 20 USD normally and sometimes goes on sale for 10. It contains the freeware titles and the C&C games that still aren't on steam, as well as those that are.

After that you need the CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Client which is available on the main page. That package will give you easy access to the chatroom, lobby, Quick Match, and new display renderers (that you and your brother should individually cycle through so your online game doesn't chug at all).

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Just to add to @DAIJOUBU? - on the digital collection part, you can actually save a few £/$ by purchasing it via CD Keys, and redeeming it via Origin. 

I posted this on Reddit not so long ago:

Sometimes they have an offer, but if money is a bit of an issue right now given the circumstances, I would recommend doing the following:

  1. Purchase a digital Ultimate Collection code via CD Keys (A legitimate service used by many others).

  2. You will receive your code once payment is complete.

  3. Redeem it via the Origin store. (Tutorial here)

  4. You then own the Ultimate collection for a much discounted price, and forever.

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