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How to combine 2 Tiberian Sun singleplayer maps into one multiplayer map?


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Hello everybody,

Every Tiberian Sun player probably remember the 2 missions of GDI "Secure Crash Site" and "Defend Crash Site".
These 2 missions occures in the same geographical area.

I want to merge these 2 maps into a one multiplayer map. I've found the map files of these 2 maps and I tried to merge them, in some way, but I didn't worked out.

Does anyone know how to do this, and can guide me please?

I think this map will be a great multiplayer map :)

Hope for help ?????

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14 hours ago, Messiah said:

I remember I have combined these two maps to a mp map one day. If I find it, I'll upload it here.

Otherwise, open each map in Final Sun, expand map size and use the copy/paste tool.

First of all thank you for your reply :)

Can you please guide me how to combine them using FinalSun? I tried before I wrote this topic but unfortunately it didn't worked out..

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On 4/28/2020 at 8:02 PM, Messiah said:

open FinalSun 2 times.

1. map1: resize to size of map1 + map2

2. map2: edit -> copy whole map

3. map1: edit -> paste. place map at the exact position and height.

I tried to do this, but it didn't worked for me.. every time I paste the second map in the enlraged first map the first map disappears and I have only the second, pasted map with the enlarged size.. May I get your help with solving this issue please? I'll thank you a lot!

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Maybe you don't use the paste tool correctly. When you use the paste tool, the map isn't placed yet, it is attached to the mouse cursor. Move to the correct cell with the cursor (this is actually quite a mess to find this cell) and place the map by left-clicking.

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