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What makes Yuri overpowered?


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Forgive me, because I haven’t played in a long time so I may miss somethings, also I will only focus on things that seem to be a bit overpowered from yuri and not the counters:

1.Infinite money -in a long grinding game against Soviets yuri can simply just outlast the opponent until there is no money in the map with their grinder+mutator combo keeping infinite money.

2.quick boomer sub-being able to gain a quick undetectable naval unit that quickly kills bases is extremely overpowered. 

3.magnetron-a magnetron can lift an ore miner and kill a refinery very easily

4. wave tactics- yuri can attack allies in waves that with one mistake can cause the allied player to lose. Even defending accurately puts a lot of strain on the allied players economy . The allied player needed to be an extremely skilled talent in order to survive these.. with the ending wave usually two discs splitting. Pressure yuri at its finest.


yuri has a lot of other strengths and I have a topic on there weaknesses. But Iirc these are the most dominant strengths of yuri making them deemed overpowered and unfair. I may have missed some but yuri definitely has more advantages than other factions 

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1) I don't think grinder+mutato combo is unfair,  If enemy never produces infantry units and this was unable to convert our units, the weapon would be useless.

2) Can't Soviets and Allied counter boomers with subs/destroyers  cost effectively?

3) Yes, it is the only really unfair advantage as I see.

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this is the maps section so idk if this post belongs here but, if i had to guess, it probably has something to do with the fact that almost every single yuri unit breaks the game in some way. people simply dont find playing with yuri players fun.

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