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OBS Studio 25.0.8 (x64)



Hello guys, im  a Tiberian Sun player for the ones who don´t know me and i recently tried to install OBS program to have some fun and stream what ever i want in Twitch or Youtube, but can´t put it to work.

So , i created a "scene" and added all sort of "sources", game , display and window capture, the last one is the only one that shows anything, if i use the window capture i can only stream the Cncnet lobby and if i launch a game nothing happens and the OBS keeps streamming the game channel , all other options dont work.

I tried to stream throught Twitch and worked but i installed OBS since everyone was using and gave good input about it.

All help is appreciated, if not thanks anyway!

My Pc runs Win 10.

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"Display Capture" works for me. shows everything, also the game. Maybe it captures the wrong display? If you right click it, you can set a source display.

What are your TS settings? mine are native reso, automatic renderer, fullscreen.

works perfectly

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Hi mate , thanks for answering.

On " display capture" all that appears to me is : display 1:1920x1080 @ 0.0 and capture cursor options.

On Ts i have 1920x1080 reso and the same as you.

JohnZPro also lost a bit of time trying to figure it out for me but didn´t work… he also uses "display capture" to stream… so im guessing or it's my Pc or some settings that are different from you guys.

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