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Internal Error on certain maps


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Hey. On some maps (2 for now) I get Internal Error during loading screen (right after I hear the ally-beep):

Twinside[Ally][Vet.Bal.2.49] : b1ec73f5acb12c7cc626d93eede492cfb2229d74

Westwood's Canyon [2-6][Ally][Vet.Bal.2.49]  : cdf31053511ccaa507b2e3d66d40d88493de97b8

I tried deleting the maps, all the renderer options and reinstalling the game. Anyone any ideas?

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I have similar problem. Lately started new map witch crash on loading screen and has almost nothing on map yet. All I did is made an spectacular landscape... | Need help!

minimap.png.dca05ca32c5ee2dd9e9bde8b3349809e.png prototype_one.map

Sometimes it helps if you add/remove AI and remove all tiberium trees and buildings on map.



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