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RAED, downloaded from this site, doesn't work


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I'd be interested to see if it works on anyone else's machine...

This picture pretty much sums up the stupidity of the program. It can't find the files it's telling me it's detecting.

I think it's supposed to be able to run it strait out of the MAIN.mix that comes with the download, but I extracted the files from it to give it that extra boost... didn't work.


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Ooh, you're using that old RAED main.mix. It's been kinda made obsolete by my TFD main.mix cleanup, you know?


Anyway, I'd advise you to simply use this pack instead; it contains all files RAED needs. (WARNING - NEVER UNPACK IN RA FOLDER. The included mixfiles are stripped to ONLY include what RAED needs!).

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It doesn't need a main.mix. As the box says, it just needs the files inside it.


The problem seems to be related to long paths. It seems RAED can only handle path names up to 80 characters.


So just make sure you unrar it in a folder that doesn't have a path that's too long.

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