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Several issues since the most recent update



Yo! I been having a lot of issues since the most recent update.


1. The client tends to kick me out for no reason, the good thing though is I don't lag out of games but I will lag out of the lobby.

2. When I reconnect to the lobby, my username usually has underscores, don't know if that helps.

3. There is always missing users on the right hand side. Like right now there is 1499 users online but I only see 30 users all with question marks next to them (from where the game icon is).

4. On the left hand side where the games are being hosted, it doesn't like refresh right when a game opens and locks. Because I end up double clicking to join a game and it closes out. I have to double click every single game just to join anything at this point because it doesn't refresh with what games are open and what games are closed properly. 


I tried reinstalling the game client, tried it on my other computer. Same issues. It all started as soon as this new update came out. I'm running windows 10, I actually bought my computer last year so the specs are of course are good. My firewall is off, I've done all types of troubleshooting so is it an issue with the update?

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