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New skins/themes

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Finnaly learned to use SHP. editor and after cople of days of hard work made some new skins for Tiberian Sun
They could be used on cncnet even after modifying files you will still be able to play multiplayer

GDI sidec01.mix - Nod sidec02.mix
Put them in "...TiberianSun_Online\MIX\put_here" replace "sidec01.mix" and "sidec02.mix".

Backup files before in case you change your mind to use old ones after again. Enjoy!









Note: I found sample templates online all I had to do was photoshop for some time.

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really awesome bk!!  love these.. something fresh for everyone! real good! probs to all the makers if they ever read this :)

here i can share some too, some cool loadingscreens:  




and some nicer black sidebar images:



Download in this pack:



U can place those PCX image files in MIX folder

but u gotta add those sidebar images into sidec01  and sidec02  with XCC Mixer.  :)




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__________ • Christmas Special • __________

Thank you so much Holland couldn't make these so quick without your sidebar images. Loading screens are tricky I would love to add them but we need more MB here to share thous files after...
GDI sidec01.mix Nod sidec02.mix




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