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Toxicity in game rooms in Red Alert 2 / YR


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I am unaware of the etiquette concerning the communications in the game lobbies so please forgive me for venting. I expect the usual internet trolling and taunting and name calling but I would like to bring to the attention of the community 4 players that seem to take joy in those things. 

Serhat / chocky





Those players constantly run a 4v4 game on Cliffside Slide as a team. Nothing wrong with that. What I feel is a problem is the constant name calling of the other players. i know taunts can be toggles off.  I mean nasty stuff. Fag**t, Wh*re, and the racial stuff. I'm not talking about calling someone a noob when they do not play well. I do not see how this behavior can be good for the community as it discourages new players and sours older players.   Obvious solution is to stay out of their game room but what about the new players walking into it blindly wanting to learn how to play the game online.  Older players would just put up with it one game and leave and block.


Just a suggestion. Maybe some of the pro-players could help the new players to learn to play the game to at least be competitive so they do not get discouraged and give up on the game.  Maybe an adopt-a-noob-day. When I first started playing online I printed out Zig-Zags notes on build patterns and strategy from the old XWIS server. They were very helpful. Is something like that available on cnc.net. Thank you for your time.  



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I just ignore people when they start doing things like that and leave the room after the game. I did that from the start but I see how it could negatively affect others. But I suppose not much can be done and there's an argument to be made that nothing should be done. What we should be doing is just don't give in to their toxicity and try to be nice to everyone so new player see that players like that are in the minority.

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Part of the reason i don't play YR online anymore is that the toxicity has gone through the roof as of late. Maybe I've just gotten unlucky with the particular game rooms i've been joining. It's off-putting, but something to contend with on any online game I suppose.

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