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Snarks Tower Defense hardened v0.40 [12 levels]


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This is a set of harder versions of Snarks Tower Defense map.

Author of the original map: Snark

Game type: Tower defense.

Main changes from the original:
Starting units and "crates appear" removed, starting money doesn't matter anymore.
Different money buildings.
Weapon system changed.
Fixed infantry stuck at spawn point when player on spot №2 is not present.
Fixed game defeating when player on spot №2 quits/surrender.
Now it is impossible to win this map in singleplayer on higher levels (you still can try to win the game in singleplayer in 0 level).
Kamikaze paradrop is no longer able to kill the LAX.
Different intro.
Faster start.

Description: Defend the LAX structure at all costs!!!
2 low level Money structures are better to make money than 1 high level Money structure, see if you can reach "Ultimate money" structure for a challenge!
Some towers attack only Ground units and some attack only Air units. If nothing specified - attack both. Hover your mouse over structures and towers to see what they are.
You get 100% money back from selling Money structures but only 50% from selling Towers.

12 maps available - difficulty levels: 0 ... 11.Smaller number corresponds to easier difficulty.
Difficulty levels 1, 3, 6-8, 10-11 tested only!

Map preview (the same for v0.40).


Tip: Slowdown game speed if a lot of sell/build actions is necessary to do in a short period of time.

Game settings:

Put AI in Spot 1.

Players 2-8 have to be in the same team.
Ingame allying - disabled.

Build Off Ally Construction Yards - enable if you want to build your structures next to structures of your friends.

Thanks everyone who playtest-helped! Any feedback appreciated.

Level 0 download:bc7b51835513e9659ec9b96ba732d3c7cff99d12.map
Level 1 download:4df77b0e564156e6624287d61c911a7971dc3628.map
Level 2 download:ef4fc37abd45086288b4997b5b3707ac68057a2d.map
Level 3 download:966e4fef677a13befad9a05849b58f267368ff98.map
Level 4 download:8ae95032f1469863516713efb0e28561003ff4f0.map
Level 5 download:765d3fc6672f4b6c4545a046c9a4bb3ac42fe498.map
Level 6 download:6f1bc3e61e4a3138f220e9f1a5f244af8d749de5.map
Level 7 download:dc8088a65dfa447c3cd4e7b742a527fd52b07db5.map
Level 8 download:46de197b9f839d8a585f432e8a03097d1c2379e9.map

Download all 0 ... 8 level maps by one file (.rar v4):

Snarks TD hardened 0.40.rar


More difficult versions:

Level 9 download:b4c04da066f873f31c3fb98357fc6501d63f780e.map
Level 10 download:3e92fe0823135d99a2f15bce2a57b78efa1b595e.map

Even harder, make sure you've got no noobs in your team:

Level 11: f5cc19df0094ca4f8d25ebd404ba46ea903b9831.map

Edited by Ezer_2000
New difficulty levels added.
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This is the Badest Tower defense i ever played Level 0 u can play in Single Player Looooooooooooooooooool

first Tower usefull in first and second Wave and the other Tower are usefull up to 3-4 Waves and then useless too

this is shit tower defense not more

Every Kanes Wrath Tower Defense are much better and much more fun

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