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New Mission Map : Celestial Intervention TX, (Allied Mission, Yuri's Revenge)


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Brand New Mission for Yuri's Revenge. Full read-me with instructions, hints and credits in the zip file. Big thankyou to McPwny and the community who helped alot with this. Full credits in the readme file.


Author: Concolor1
Editor: FinalAlert2 Yuri's Revenge
Created:27th June, 2021

Name: Celestial Intervention TX 
Size: 120 x 120
Players: 1
Theatre: Lunar TX

To play this mission:Yuri's Revenge mission disc is required.(Unless you have the full game installed on your system.)
Extract the contents of the winzip file into your Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Allies.
The game will then launch. This does seem to work fine with Origin.

Ensure you do not have an ra2md.csf file in your RA2 folder, otherwise this mission ra2md.csf will overwrite it. 

expandmd94.mix,ecachemd94.mix, expandmd07.mix and ra2md.csf, contain all that is needed, simply select New Mission for the Allies and away you go. Once your done remove these three files to restore your game to as before.

Full breakdown,rules and credits in the read me.

Celestial Intervention

Ok Space Monkeys!

Location: Asteroid 511 Davida - The Asteroid Belt

Info: Its estimated that there are almost 200 asteroids larger than 100km in the Asteroid belt. And it seems the Soviets have discovered a wealth of ore and gas reserves on many of the asteroids in our system. Their constant need for resources can mean but one thing,  - more conflict. 
The Soviets have beaten us to the stars and have established a base on one of the known asteroids. Commander we need to be out there as a position among the stars is of stratigic significance.
Space is an unknown theatre of war, not only do our troops require oxygen, but conventional weapons struggle in the rarified atmosphere.
It is for this reason, we have come up with a number of new technologies to fight our campagin among the stars.
First and foremost is the Robot Soldier, we can't risk our GIs. These soldiers are equipped with high focus lasers, that tear through the enemy. Unfortunatley the Soviets have them as well, although a cruder model, theirs are cheaper to manufacture.
Weve also trained our Space Monkeys to carry out a simple task. These Chimps will serve as our fronline Engineers, each chimp has been given a tech device, and trained to enter a structure and attach the device to any surface. The tech device is then able to relay information back to our hackers and in effect assume control of the structure. Its a lifesaver and has saved the allies training Engineers for space.
Weve also come up with a diverse use for the Weather Controller.
Your instructions are to make landfall on the asteroid, establish a base and then eliminate the Soviet forces from its surface. Beware the Soviets have some new technologies themselves.
Your spaceforce is on it's way, Good Luck Commander!

 Objective 1:Destroy the Soviet Bases on the Asteroid.

 Objective 2:Capture the Secret Tech Lab.


Game Modes:
Easy: Reduced Patrols, added Bonus Crates, Reduced Ai Attacks, Hint Texts.
Medium: Few More Soviet Defences and Patrols, Units and Attacks.
Hard: More Patrols, More Defences, More Attacks,A Nuke, Harder Ai.

Best Experience, Play Hard - Play defensive, and ajust your tactics for this level.






Untitled (2).jpg

Celestial Intervention TX 1.1.zip

Edited by Concolor1
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Interesting map to play. 

As a long time fan of your mission maps, it wasn't a surprise for me to encounter such a quality map once again.

My personal difficulty point for this mission is 8.5/10  (of course at brutal level) , especially considering the final asteroid rain countdown.

Battle fortresses rules once again throughout all these newly technological stuff.

There is a good typical tactic to facilitate the difficulty of this mission a bit, but as a respect to your sensitive works on your missions, I won't type it  -as a spoiler-  without your permission.  :)




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