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Reload maps list without closing and starting YR client


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While developing maps one has to try it on Skirmish maps list and verify its exact behavior. The problem is that one has to close YR client and start again to see the changes. For example map preview, map "brief" variables can only be verified such way. Even when new map is externally copied to "custom" folder, it does not appear on the YR client map list without restarting it. Would a "reload map list" button possible?

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On 8/15/2021 at 12:03 AM, YuriOriginal said:

Would a "reload map list" button possible?

yes. There's a command for it. First off, you gotta be host in CnCnet client. It doesn't work offline. Or you could use LAN mode instead and create a lobby and then repeat these:
paste your map into .../Custom folder
turn back the client and type /loadmap mapname (extension doesnt needed. example "/loadmap dryheat1")
seach your map in the list.
you got the map 

it requires .map extension.  .yrm or .mpr not allowed

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