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recent patch problems.


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this latest patch seems to have broken my mod setup since now it seems to insist on using rulesmd from the cncnet mix over the one in my folder. that said, it still reads artmd from my folder.

also, i noticed that it dumped a bunch of raw files directly into my ra2 folder like these crate images.image.png.a0097d6c28632411f4d767118cf488f5.png

first of all, how are you going to patch these out after haloween if they are raw files? second of all, dont just dump raw files into my folder. thats what your expandspawn mix files are for.

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Thay will make updater which deletes crate image from your folder (nice if thay check the checksum). Client version v2 was deleting all mod files from game folder if they wasn't match to original unless you have AllowMods=yes in some client ini file.

Btw this image a little uncentered in game so it's hard to pick up. client 8.6 still has all the problems of 8.5.

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client version 2 must have upset a lot of people.

it looks like the client doesnt read the rulesmd from its expandspawn mix anymore. could it be reading the file straight from the server as a cheat countermeasure? at any rate, i just need to be able to have it read my own rules file again.

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Back to 2015 it wasn't "upset a lot of people". The ones who wanted to mod their game just switched settings. File check was part of checking game version system to prevent reconn errors I guess, because sometimes 2 copies of YR game v1.001 installed from different installation packages was giving a reconn error. Since CnCNet Client usually changing game files a lot I suggest you to avoid keeping your unique mod files in this game folder, becasue you may lose them in any moment if you have auto-update enabled.

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