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Sole Survivor is back online!


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It's been almost 20 years since the last official server went offline...

       .          posted image
Is back!

posted image

posted image  
Many thanks to Chad1233 and N3tRunn3r for the screenshots!

We (OmniBlade, CCHyper, tomsons26) are currently in the process of performing a controlled alpha test
with selected players (including some of the original top-ranking Sole Survivor players!).

This has been quite the journey for us to get Sole Survivor back online; Including reaching out to many of the old school Sole Survivor players for feedback and balancing, uncovering an early Sole Survivor beta test build, and also getting the game work on modern systems.

These alpha testing sessions will help us balance the game modes to ensure they are as close to the original servers as possible. Once we are happy with the performance and stability of the server configuration, and we are able to perform player load tests, we will start to explore permanent solutions for hosting full-time servers, allowing us to finally open up the servers to the whole community!

So, make sure to follow this topic to be notified of any updates!

"Welcome to Sole Survivor"

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Hyper and crew, OmniBlade, tomsons26, pulled off a miracle here. A lot of us had given up hope of ever seeing a working server again and then this happened. It still hasn't registered in my mind fully but things are moving quickly it seems as the old modes and settings come online. It even works through the classic Westwood Chat program still hosted by XWIS like it did in it's glory days.

I've been testing it with them for the past couple weeks and this is the real thing through and through. It is great to have the final piece of the "puzzle", when it comes to C&C games, back and in working order. All glory and credit goes to CCHyper, OmniBlade and tomsons26 for actually pulling this off and opening a new chapter for C&C.


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On 1/31/2022 at 10:39 AM, ore_truck said:

Nice, used to play this with the computer back in the day...

...but why does the Sole Survivor logo has a demolition truck in it?

No idea, it's what WW used originally in their ladder website. :P

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Just a quick update for everyone!

Server performance seems to have improved thoughout our testing phases, and gameplay is stable. We also have a new permanent hosting solution thanks to the great team over at W3DHub !

Keep posted for updates, we hope to be opening up to the public very soon!

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Heck yeah @CCHyper! Been an OG C&C fan and part of the forum since the early 2000's. The work you, Ny3rguds and Tore among other amazing peeps in this community have done to keep C&C thriving has been nothing short of amazing!

I've honestly hoped for the chance to play sole survivor since I heard about it from here. Can't wait for this! I'd love to be a play tester if you lads would like.

All in all, thanks for this awesome update. Happened to come online and revisit the forum for nostalgia today and god damn, what great news this is! Good luck! 

Looking forward to more news.

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