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  1. There isn't much information really available, but from what has been found it out there was supposed to be a special big-box re-release of Red Alert and its two expansion packs on DVD with the videos in MPEG (640x400 format). I don't think there was even a preliminary press release?
  2. Hi all! I have been looking into the possibility of adding support for mega maps (128x128) into C&C95 and I noticed over half of the official Sole Survivor maps have no actual name! So I thought this would be a good chance give the community a chance of naming them. 😁 I started off and named "SCS30EA" as "Petroglyph" due to the funky character it shows, and nice little nod towards Petroglyph Games too 😉 @Nyerguds kindly hosts previews for each map on his webspace, check them out here: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncstuff/mappics/multi-ss/ Pick a scenario name and post in the format; SCS01EA - Crossroads. Of course, lets keep the map names in good spirit and no rude or slang words please. Also one map name per person to make it fair! Official: scs01ea Crossroads scs02ea Donut World scs03ea River Despair scs10ea Desert Vertigo scs11ea Ice Maze scs12ea Island Pain scs14ea Jigsaw scs15ea Ripples scs16ea Death Race scs17ea Grid of Insanity Unnamed: scs30ea scs31ea scs32ea Petroglyph (CCHyper) scs33ea scs35ea scs36ea scs37ea scs38ea scs39ea scs40ea scs41ea scs42ea scs43ea scs50ea scs51ea scs60ea scs61ea scs62ea scs63ea
  3. @RC1985 I'm out of ideas personally, we never experienced this crash/issue in our tests. Is the crash address you see after the intro players the same as the one you got above?
  4. Hey RC, This seems to be a old bug in C&C95 too. Can you try running CONQUER_FIX.EXE in Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows XP compatibility modes please? Let us know how you get on.
  5. Its getting a bit out of hand here, I asked SG in a private message to show me something that that could not be faked. As far as the binaries/exe's he has, this is a legitimate beta version of Red Alert 1 that SG has. While there is no proof I have seen the files that come with it are authentic, it would be safe to say that after what I asked to see, this actually authentic. So let's for a start stop pressuring SG.
  6. No, RA2 beta was never released as it never existed, only a fake was attempted to be passed off as authentic, that was my exact point... It's obvious you don't want to share RA1 beta this with the community.
  7. It's nothing personal towards you, but there is a history of people in the community faking "beta" versions of the C&C games. Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, Renegade 2, the list goes on... If it is legitimate as you say, then it would be something the community would love to test and discover, but if you want to keep it to yourself for whatever reason, did you post this topic other than to gain the attention of the community? I sent you two PM's in case you didn't want to discuss these things publicly and offering a trade, out of respect, but you have not replied to my messages so I take this as you are not interested in sharing this with the community at all. I do hope I am wrong and you are willing to share what you have with the greater community. There are many people in the community that can help you pull the game apart to find MANY more things than you would be able to find. Debug/Development options and settings? This is something I could locate and enable for example.
  8. Are you at least willing to share the EXEs so I can validate them (Over PM if you wish)? Otherwise there isnt any proof that this is legit.
  9. It has been a few years since I have been active in the community forums, but I have been active behind the scenes on CNCNet (spending all my free time working on Chronoshift of course). So in the New Year, I will be spending a few evenings a week for a couple of months playing online and joining in the games. It would be great to hear what the competitive players of both C&C and RA would like to see in the Remasters. So if you do see me in the game lobby, do say Hi! I am also a part of the Remasters Community Council, and I would also just like to mirror what @Torehas said, and I would like to add that we are here to make sure people have a direct line of communion with the developers. While we won't be able to provide you with the answers to these questions, I want people to have confidence that your voice is being heard and we will make sure we represent the CNCNet community in the best way, after all, we all want to ensure the Remasters turn out to be a game that all players can enjoy.
  10. That is one of LKO's renders, there was a topic years ago at PPM.
  11. I asked this question to one of the programmers on Tiberian Sun and hes reponse in breif was that they removed the feature becuase 2.5 dimentional games just do not agree with a fixed camera scale, and they found that playtesters actually chose not to use the feature becuase of this.
  12. We have asked a long time ago. EA drove a lot to a landfill. The Westwood assets EA lost while moving from Vegas to LA are all that exists now at this point unless someone saved everything from the landfill before it was buried under tons of garbage. That almost physically hurt to read. Any source? Various email conversations I have had with key people. I cannot share the content, but the brief overview of the two main events are; Almost all Westwood digital assets where lost when transfering from one location to another around 2004~. And the Victory Games studio offices where completly emptied out (except computers and some documentation). As you can see, Superweapon Games Twitter link, Amer Ajami managed to salvage that from the skips (I got the impression that he got the heads up from someone).
  13. We don't want to encrypt them within RA++, but need to be able to read/open them, as the original RA did. But it also allows OmniBlade to extend he's tool to make encrypted MIX files the same way WW would have.
  14. TL;DR - We did use a public, open source library for RSA (The encryption the mix files use), now we have our own implimentation that OmniBlade has written based on research. Now this is complete, we are no longer tied to any other external librarys and/or licenses!
  15. Just a remark, the INI engine the C&C games allows 1, true, yes for bools, so you do not have to use 1 to respresent a "true" value. Just to make it easier to read
  16. Congratulations and well done on reaching a milestone that most indie games never reach, it's playable! I sense a lot of influence from the first C&C with a remix of Generals added in, but you have pulled this off pretty well while keeping it realistic. I would love to hear more about the trials and errors of your journey!
  17. I would love to release something for Christmas, perhaps Blade might finish another of hes tools in time, but there is still more of the core engine code we need to complete and playtest, and we cant rush this. I think that most gamers make the assumption that games are simple to code. Added to the fact that we are not using any existing game or graphics engine or core library to work from, I would say we have have excellent progress so far. As i mentioned, there is so much more for us to do with the core game engine. We like to see the engine in 4 parts; Core: This contains all our base core for performing basic functions, this can be timer systems, file I/O, cryptography and algorithms, data buffers and so on. the Core of the engine is required by pretty much Audio, Visual and Game Logic. Audio: Sounds simple enough (sorry...), but a Audio engine that is capable of mixing various levels of audio and at different rates is a consuming task, and the audio engine is in the last of our prioritys as there is no point in having sound if you have no units on the screen! We will be sticking to SDL for audio and will decide if we need to jump to OpenAL if our requirements are too much. Visual: This is pretty much complete, the only remaining task for the graphics engine is making sure it can handle our requirements. Again, we have decided to stick to SDL for audio and will decide if we need to jump to OpenGL if our requirements are too much. Game Logic: This is our biggest task to tackle. Making sure we incorperate the game system and hierarchy so all objects interact as intended. Aswell as the research required by play testing the original so we can brainstorm way of coding a feature. This part takes time, and we have a good idea how want this part of the engine to operate, but we can not play test the features until we know for sure certain other parts work as required (Map loading, Cell drawing etc).
  18. Disregard what I mentioned, I had no idea what I was looking at!...
  19. It's crashing inside "_Apply_XOR_Delta_To_Page_Or_Viewport". Blade: Address (0x005D5C45) In our RA Database. An interesting thing is that in RA, the line is "xor [offset], al", in C&C, its "mov [offset], al"...
  20. I just want to add to Blades reply; We are still in a heavy process of rewriting and testing various parts of the engine. Making the code public at this moment would be detrimental to the project as it is of no use to anyone other than for literary purposes. As soon as we have something that is suitable for publishing we will be creating a public GitHub for RedAlert++, and we promise to keep you updated! Thank you for your suggestion. I understand what you are trying to achieve and agree that this is a workable solution. However, as mentioned before, we have decided that we will not be supporting legacy save games as we do not want to restrict the code base for just this feature. This means we can take a more professional approach to the project and create a more customisable engine.
  21. We have a huge INI engine, and it is very extendable. I do not think there is one of this size public (outside of a AAA company). As for your questions; 1) Of course, if you want to put in the work! 2) We make use of templates in many cases, a few classes require templates due to the item they are storing. 3) We use CPP, H and HH for file extensions. HH is used for defines and enumerations of classes where we do not want to include the whole class header.
  22. Just adding to what Blade also mentioned, a lot of the core is ready and waiting for one key element from the low level systems. Once we sign off the low level as being tested and passed, then a lot of the visual features will come into play and allow us to roll out features at a rapid rate. But for now, just like any other project, build the foundations before you worry about the colour of the brick! OpenDUNE was started in '09 IIRC, and made its first playable build two years later. RedAlert++ has been under development for quite some time behind the scenes, and we aim on producing a friendly, accessable and highly extendable engine too. We might make a decision that would add a few months onto the project time, but in the future, this decision will shave a lot of time development in the future in terms of extending and porting the engine across multipule platforms.
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