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Is it possible to build neutral building?


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since garrisinable structures will immediately revert to being unowned by the player when not garrisoned, even if you use trigger action 125 to spawn a building belonging to a house, westwood did some hack to make battle bunkers work to be owned when not garrisoned + not kick infantry out when on low health. i dont know what ini tag the hack is attached to exactly, but if you find out which one it is i would also like to know

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The problem is that, for some reason, if the lifeguard tower belongs to the player and is garrisoned, then it does not abandon when damaged. In addition, when it is damaged and garrisoned, the image of this structure is displayed incorrectly.
This does not happen if this structure is neutral or if it is not garrisoned.


I would like to solve this problem with the image of the tower in any way.
The idea is to make a kind of bunker from YR in RA2 mode.
I would transfer the bunker itself from YR, but that doesn't seem to be possible.

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the reason that the image gets messed up when garrisoned and damaged has to do with the way the game reads the building arts frames, the battle bunker reads a different frame order than civilian buildings. I did some testing and it turns out that the hack to make a garrisinable structure act like a battle bunker and not act like a civilian building is attached to the tag "TechLevel=". if the techlevel is anything but -1, then the game will think that it is a battle bunker. This sadly means that your building will never be buildable and work properly at the same time.

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