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Tiberian Dawn - Madness Beach (single player)


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Madness Beach

62X62, Temperate theater

GDI mission.


Mission Description


NOD is attempting to establish a beachhead on our territory.  This is crucial to

their war effort so they'll be throwing everything they have at us.  You must not

allow them this foothold, defend your position whatever the cost may be!


**UPDATE** After seeing Funky breeze his way through this mission, I've added a harder version.

**UPDATE 2** screwing around with making a co-op multiplayer version of this map, too. ran into some bugs although it's more or less playable. Included are a 2 player (mptest.zip) and a 3 player (mptest3pl.zip) version.  Mess around with them if you like!


Well, after Nyerguds showed me how to hex-edit single tiles, I immediately had the idea for this mission using his "beach" theater.  Wave after wave of enemy hovercraft dump reinforcements onto the beach and they're headed right for you.  It's hard as hell to hold them back until you get the right build order down.



Also borrowed Lin Kuei Ominae's technique of having an AI MCV deploy.  Be amazed as they build a base right before your eyes!


I think it's a pretty effective mission for only having 1 waypoint :)


Please let me know if you find any bugs.  Comment if you love it or hate it!

Your feedback helps!





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Cool map man, took me a couple of tries to get used to it, but then it was all down hill for nod... although, they seemed to be getting less reinforcements after a while. Is that supposed to happen?


Also, what if, instead of just starting with a load of tanks, you started with more of a variety of units (more humvees, men and Mobile Rocket Launchers. Maybe more variety for nod units then also, like maybe some stealth and flame tanks, (although, admittedly, the stealth tank would probably not be that good, or be the sort of thing used in a beach head assault)... so maybe just more flame tanks xD


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Yes, I did notice that once in a while the reinforcements get screwed up due to all the repeating triggers (I think the game overloads on the triggers).  If they stop producing ssm's this is a sign happening, although after about 20 or so plays through the map, this only happened once to me.  I'm thinking of removing the deploying Nod MCV and just putting a CY there instead to simplify the whole thing.  Hopefully the computer will get less confused then.  This is also why the hovercraft only unload buggies and tanks because adding a 3rd teamtype and trigger causes hovercraft to start landing with nothing on them and if they do have units on them, they just sit there on the beach.  And I just had the player start with tanks/humvees so they'd have to figure out what to produce in the moment and keep on their toes  :)  Overall, it was just another experiment with triggers and testing the limits of what the game is capable of handling and I seemed to have just about reached those limits.  I'll have to tinker with the .ini a little bit one of these days to see if I can get it perfect.  Thanks for playing!

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