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Delux Wars Plus

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After Origin Update and tons of Problems i decided to use CnCNet. Works great much Options, but a little Problem with my absolute favorite Map.

Delux Wars Plus. It crashes now with internal Error. I download the Map again renamed it to *.map and copied to /maps/custom.

There exist 2 Versions of this Map one which creates many boxes and one without boxes (boring)

Has anyone a playable Delux Wars Plus Map with boxes , i havent found it. I only play Offline Skirmish

( i am CnCNet Rookie)

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Thank you, yes i found this Map there, but Original without the boxes, or modified with weird colors and high Speed Building, but also without boxes..

Boxes are essential on my opinion, because you get Sovjet, Alliance, and Yuri MBF very Quickly..

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Sorry for the double Post, Now all is Perfekt i found the correct Map and choose the right Option !! ( my stupid fault) enable creates !!

Love this Map 1 vs 7 with all MCV, pure action un full Speed.

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