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Last Score theme Tiberian Dawn


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Tore: No, he means the video bloopers reel track I added on the last mission's score screen. You didn't know about that? :D


DarkVen9109: I got it from Frank Klepacki's website. He tends to post unreleased stuff like that from time to time. I thought it'd make a nice extra, since it was meant as credits theme after all :)


Go to the "Listen" section and open the "rare tracks" at the bottom to find it. It's the "C&C Outtakes Credits Theme".

(The Dune II Medley in that section is one of my favourite tracks, ever :D)

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um, "browser cache" is just the place on your hard disk where your browser saves all web pages and images and such you see when viewing websites. These music files are no different, they also get saved somewhere on your disk when you play them. Most browsers should have some way to go through these files and pick out the ones you want.

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What did they appear like?


BTW, I'm having issues with Klepacki's (ex-)Jukebox as of late. At first it was normal, but after a while, the list for, say, Tiberian Sun, just returns to track #1, while my current view is like an image that's sticked above it. I can scroll again as much as I want to and click on any track, but it just won't play.

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