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CnCNet doesn't work with Win95/Win98 compatibility


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I am running cnc-ddraw. If I don't have Win95 or Win98 compatibility and I start a new campaign, the following happens:


1. Videos take around 10-15 seconds to load

2. Videos sometimes lag a bit

3. After beating the level when the 'Mission accomplished' text is shown the audio begins to crack and/or dely

4. In the score screen the audio stops playing for a bit.

5. In the map selection screen the audio cracks.


When I turn Win95/Win98 compatibility on this doesn't happen.


edit: I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.

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The behavior is slightly different with Single CPU off, but the issues still occur. At least for me.


edit: Oh I disabled the cnc-ddraw option but the single CPU affinity was still set, the issue is fixed after disabling the affinity.

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It can be set with the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit apparently, but I need to set multiCPU via Windows Task Manager every time I start the game, for some reason it starts in singleCPU mode every time.


edit: Oh it's because of a compatibility fix on ra95.exe system-wide to force single cpu -.-, fixed it now.

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Here we go again...


Well, Yes, Windows 98/ME compatibility force the application to use always one core. But it somehow differs Win95 compat mode in mouse handling.


cnc-ddraw singlecpu isn't enabled by default due problems with old Pentium 4 with Hyper-threading Technology. If it is enabled the game with use the half of an core, and simple lag everything. I confirm it, since my main computer is a Pentium 4  :S


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