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Dune 2000


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I know I've talked about this before, and I was told that dune 2000's LAN systems basically sucked. But I'm still hoping to see it added to CnCnet eventually, if/when someone wants to patch the crap out of the game, which probably wont come from any of the programmers already here, but from someone else that may turn up and want to see it done.


I found this LAN patch for it http://d2kplus.com/ipxtoudp.php

Not sure how much, or if it helps at all. But let me know what you guys think and if you want to go ahead. I suspect there are a few that might like to play Dune 2000 online.



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Dune 2000 isn't much different from Red Alert money maps to be honest. I have played it online on a Hamachi network with Feda.


If anything, we should try to get Generals support. I would love to see that! :) So many hours played in LAN parties on that game.

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