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  1. This is definitely not a bug. But 5 units can all get in transport in Red Alert 1, but no C&C TD (APC, Chinook, e.t.c). Interestingly enough, in C&C TD is possible to capture enemy chinook on the land, but in Red Alert 1 this feature is removed.
  2. Just wondering, is there any chance of return screen shaking (like DOS ver.) in SP and Skirmish. I suppose it's totally removed from Windows version. Also I used hacked DOS version to use 50 units with bases. I searching with hex editor inside C&C95.exe but not found any way to do it.
  3. And now imagine that you will see a small maps like Keep Of The Grass with this resolution, and the darkness around you
  4. This is the reason why VirtualBox can be used. Or other virtual machines.
  5. @Takket Also if you downloaded Megamap Pack don't forget to delete old cmu125ea.ini, it's don't needed anymore @FunkyFr3sh Everything fine on my side. That's probably because you guys have different settings or files which may interfere. Some offtop: I see RA1 spawner updated. But no signs there of fixing AI-related bugs such as AI no repairing their buildings except Const.Yard. I'm waited this fix for years.
  6. Fine on my side. The settings probably needs to be switched to default Cause I don't have original zip archive, I'm just zipped the folder.
  7. I switched back to 640x480 because units is too small
  8. Agreed. On Win8 I'm using GDI because otherwise I cannot capture screenshots or videos. Especially for Dune 2000, if I not using GDI mode, I can not return to game after ALT+TAB (pixel mess or something appeared).
  9. I reuploaded for those who interested. http://www.mediafire.com/file/g8c6f3pcjp19e0d/CCRA.7z
  10. I've played Dune 2000 on PSX back in 90s, and it was with 3D graphics.
  11. Yeah. That means this is disabled by default. But this not explained bug when AI don't repair buildings except Const.Yard in skirmish.
  12. From my comment https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6301-red-alert-1-ai-difficulty-change-in-skirmish/?do=findComment&comment=49638 I think it was possible because that is old behavior. Or may be by adding extra lines in rules.ini/spawn.xdp?
  13. I'm really needs executable from around april 2015. May be there is exists archive versions of cncnet with ra95-spawn.exe?
  14. Hmm... this design is almost similar like doomworld (they updated the forums in march)
  15. BTW in latest ra95-spawn.exe AI is kinda screwed, they don't repair buildings except Const. yard :down: Also they again not builds radar dome until player build air units. I already created a thread about this but nobody is answer.
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