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Whatever I do, I can't connect to anywhere until I click Reset (WOL). What version of WChat is needed to connect to AWOS? I've tried 1.200 and the newest 1 but neither works!

wwchat is not supported yet just ra2, yuri, and TS. SYS will fix this when his computer is up an running again he fried his computer two days after the server went up.

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okay i have tested with the and 200 it connects either way dosent matter which one you use it still connects to your opponents the only bug i get so far is that i cant connect to ip i had others test the other ips for me and it worked :)

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well truth be told frm my side killa whenever i try to connect frm enderzone server or 201 and 200, the 200 and 201 giv me this error 50% of the time

nick: FactorX

server: servserv.westwood.com:4005 (

unable to connect: ETIMEDOUT

and it takes time before it gives this message when i test it with the tool but when i try enderzone it gives me this error all the time since a week ago in just seconds

nick: FactorX

server: :0 (

unable to connect: EADDRNOTAVAIL

the ip is right?

plz help me!!!

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this is AWOS server ip address or 201

this is enderzone server it has no relation to AWOS

as of right now i think AWOS is down :( since yesterday i havent been able to connect?????

When you test for enderzone make sure you use the same nick name you first tried it with cause enderzone has a limit on nicks and will not connect if you use more than two or three different nicks it has to be same password you used too :)

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lol man ure saying things so mysteriously and seriously well since its been such a long time y hasnt sys visited the site. i mean he uses his grandfathers laptop so whts the prob and since u guys are all staff members isn't there a communication link between staff?? man sys has not cm after june 22nd on this site the guy shud at least tell the ppl who use his server tht he is fixing his pc or the prob its just 1 reassurance and a date wud be great as well. im really sorry if im acting rude but man if he took a responsibility to make an online server for the public at least fulfill the public's needs man like a functional server and admins on watch and cheat banning software. I just cant believe tht sys is the only one who keeps this server up and running. No assistant or partner in fixing the problems or modifying i mean thts absurd. Its obvious that staff have a communication link between each other. he has'nt even spoken to u for 3 weeks??? Man i didnt mean to be rude but im trying to give u reality here tore. Man i was so excited to get on awos , a server i can actually connect to but in the end its just bugged and useless and all u can say is that its all sys's fault. Please man communicate him and tell him to fix the server. This message is to all the makers and admins of this site!! reply soon k :):):)

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SyS is the one who created AWOS, shortly after he put DE2 online his computer crashed. We have no other way to comunicate with SyS other than Email or instant message, we currently have NO way to comunicate with him! I haven't heard from him in weeks. It isn't possible to set a date on when he will fix this problem.



Status: Under developement[/color:y6wiy5f3]

Final version release date: When it's done[/color:y6wiy5f3]

Public release: DE2[/color:y6wiy5f3]

Ladder: Under developement[/color:y6wiy5f3]

Wchat support: Under developement[/color:y6wiy5f3]

WDT suppoort: Under developement[/color:y6wiy5f3]



Where abouts: Somewhere in England?

Status: Unknown

What he is doing: Unknown

When will he comeback: Unknown

How he communicates with us: None[/color:y6wiy5f3]

How we communicate with him: None[/color:y6wiy5f3]


Just wait and you may hear more about AWOS but remember at the time AWOS is dependent on SyS and remember WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SITUATION![/color:y6wiy5f3]


By the way we are going very off topic now, stay on topic!

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