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Red Alert 1 campaign "Flame Dancers : Genesis set 1" 19 missions


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That's alright, Lightning Hunter. I have problems launching the game after installing the mega compilation. After a reinstall I actually haven't bothered since. I'm busy with other stuff now anyways. If you need more time fixing bugs etc, that's ok. I'm gladly waiting for a full finished version ;-)

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Mission 14b is the hardest mission ever I have encountered, of course at brutal difficulty. But it is possible to accomplish with a very detailed microing.


Placing 3-4 rocket soldiers at the roof of the ore refinery, and making sure the turrets are firing at medium tanks are the vital points. When your ore trucks encounter a mig attack, drive them at the direction mig is approaching, to avoid it being destroyed. 

 After a 20 minutes of resistance, enemy assaults are suddenly cut, and the rest is easy to complete.


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