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Standalone map editors


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RAED v1.26 patched * + all required data files (no maps/missions included) + desert and winter theater support + EDWIN.EXE. Download:


*v1.26 patch by Nyerguds. Additional modifications by FunkyFr3sh.





Download is less than 6 MB.


Here's a ZIP with all official missions and maps (including expansions), place the individual .INI map files you need in the RAED folder:




To create a new map, make a copy of one of the mega maps included with the standalone package and open it with a text editor, under the section [Map] change Width= and Height= to your desired size.


Thanks to FunkyFr3sh for helping me answer RAED related questions and giving me the blank mega map plus interior map. And thanks to Nyerguds for compiling a list of all official Red Alert missions inside a .MIX file.


I'm not sure if I accidentally removed a required file so consider this a beta release. Report any issues you find please.



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