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Better walls! And suggestions about ConYard/Dozer system.


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First a simple question... could you make walls a little stromger or faster to build? Even concrete wall seems pretty useless now. And then a more serious suggestion... You said that players will be able to switch between ConYard and Dozer, but I think you could make the subfactions use the dozer system and original GDI and Nod use ConYards. I'd like that but you can do your mod the way you want to, but think about it.

PS. A small detail: It's Nod, not NOD. Sorry for being scrupulous (is that right word? just checked from dictionary) but that might bother some nerds when reading unit descriptions.

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are you tinking of makeing the the campaign storyline to and the whole time spand off all of the orignal game.

and fill in the mising parts off the collection.

also is therer going ing to be a C'n'c3 version as at end off month be buying RA3.

well it be piossible to tie all C'n'C games together in future mods.

would love to know the best place to learn to make mods as i have many ideas :up::D

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hanibalthe hun, read the forum rules.


To awnser your question there is many C&C modding sites


For Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 I recomend Project Perfect Mod.


For the newer C&C games I really don't have any idea, but there is many of them





and many more sites.


oh, and welcome to C&C comm. Center. :)

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