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new pre-cncnet5 CNC95 Online Lobby


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Great job getting this working! And because I have too much time (along with XCC Mixer and all that good stuff), here's a Tiberian Dawn themed sound pack! :D



nice ! :D


i just noticed that mattattack already made a perfect map list in the format i needed :Dhttp://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2081.0

All the maps from his pack are now included YAY

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I experienced an issue with my sidebar, although I have to admit I was using the extended sidebar .exe. Well, for starters, it wasn't extended, no wheel-scrolling and some icons were bugged. I only managed to play one game in CnCNet5, so I don't know if this issue persists.

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The extended sidebar and mwheel scrolling by iran was added recently and a big OOS issue with NPC buildings and units was fixed.


Remaining known CnCNet 5 related in-game issues:

- 6 player games fail bad - no idea how to debug this yet

- spawn points are not properly randomized - Nyerguds has described how to fix it


Spawn points bug is likely next candidate for a fix. 6 player games require 6 (virtual) PC setup in LAN or over the net to test so it is very tedious to debug.

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