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suggestion for the current version (RA1_online.exe)


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Make that work with more than 2 players.


I also think it's good idea to have player's number of games to show up next to their name with flag (or box w/e) like one in the Starcraft battle.net and once the player reaches certain amount of game, they get the special shaped flag just like ranking.


If possible, in the game, make your typing to be appear as well for least 5 seconds after typing it.

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1. That's not RA's fault that's because noobs often have crappy net (well not just noobs but..)

2. For that to work I assume you would have to operate a sign-in scheme to be able to log data to someone

3. Not really useful at this time but in the future who knows...

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it already works with more than 2 players, but everyone needs to have their port open, we already played bigger games with more than 2 people there


later when the tunnel is done it will also be possible to play with more then 2 people without the need to open ports, games will then be split into fast connection(port open) and slow connection (port closed) .. which means people with slow connection can't join the fast games anymore and the games will connect properly all the time.

the old cncnet already got a slow connection option, but that also means games might run slow and laggy, so it's always recommended to open port 8054 UDP and use the fast connection


When the ladder system is done it should be possible to get info about the players


red alert has been patched already, the messages in game show much longer now .. i'm not sure if that will happen with cnc95 too

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On 5/19/2013 at 7:08 PM, ProjectL said:

my idea would be combining the cilents, chat is connected but you have to switch cilents in order to join games(You can only play RA in Red Alert Online version and TD in Tiberian Dawn Online version)


It's already a all in one client, just need to add a button to switch the game without the need to restart from another folder

maybe ill add that the next days

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