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Annoying RAED Error


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Basically I'm making a map on RAED and I try to resize the bounds of the map and suddenly every time I do anything (click on the map or try to open the text file or save) its comes up with an error

'Access Violation at Address 00445139. Read of address 0F0F0F0F'


Is there any way around this and try to keep my map stuff saved?

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i was using it in the editor and it essentially popped up the error message if I clicked on most things, this includes trying to  open it as text file or saving it or scrolling around the map or placing a building

luckily it didn't pop up for copy+ paste and open new map...

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wont let me save it.


uninstall win7 and install winXP


Nice tip, heh!  XD


There is a nice Take Ownership registery tweak that gives you a simple and nice shortcut. Take a look here. Make sure that you got permissions for modifying and reading the file.



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