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Freezing production of all units


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I had these glitch few times in the past and one including in the very recent event, what happened was all the production of units were simply frozen and not being able to produce them even with enough power and money (This happened only in online game so far).


To elaborate, the clock wise production thing is stuck at about quarter way on all infantries on the sidebar with letter "held", and wouldn't respond if if I try to cancle. This happened while I was playing ffa and this guy captured my Hand of Nod, so I bulit another one and happened. This guy does disc sometimes so it might be related to that, but it wasn't in the time of discing, although he did disc few minutes later.


I think it happened with vehicle production too, but I can't remember how it happened.


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I've experienced this bug, but only in certain SP missions, never in multiplayer. One particular map comes to mind, Defection at Drabar by LKO, which would regularly bug my airstrip like that. If I had the time I'd play it again to see exactly when/how it happens so one of the hackers here can take a look at it. But yeah, no time right now.

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This bug is also present in the Nintendo 64's C&C, but I never experienced it with Hand of Nod, only with Airstrip. That happens there if you build an war factory when you already got a airstrip, causing units that requires an airstrip to never come. Maybe it is in the PC version too.

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I did click multiple times with right click but it didn't respond. Maybe it would have responded it if I clicked a lot more till my finger is on fire.

But the problem with that solution is if you are playing serious game, you are going to have to lose with that bullshit, which I did.


I did sell my Hand of Nod after attempting to cancle it, but the game was very difficult w/o HON since the guy was making engineers from it to capture my other base as well as building defensive structures. Let's not even talk about what else could have been done.. I was in the game and I knew exactly what was going on.


Hope this bug gets fixed!

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