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This was just a little idea I had to create a map with some RA1 changes I think are needed




- Tanks are NOT changed, I think Q'ing takes skill and shouldn't be changed

- Some units have changed sides

- the 500/unit type cap is REMOVED


[glow=red,2,300]Patch Notes:[/glow]



- Ore growth per minute changed to 0.8 from 2 [its faster]

; Ore regenerated WAY TOO SLOW



- Wheel movement (MGG, Ranger, MCV, Demotruck) increased +10% on all terrain types

; Basically rangers were slower than tnaks yet were a scout unit which didnt make much sense



[glow=red,2,300]Both factions[/glow]


Service Depot

- Service depot repair rate doubled

- Service depot repair cost reduced to 1% (basically free)


Ore Refinery

- Cost increased to 2500 from 2000

; This change allows more option to use infantry tactics before tanks

; Later in the game, it incentivises players to build ore trucks while halting tank production to increase economy

instead of spamming refineries


Rocket Solider

- Movespeed increased to 4 from 3

- Health points increased to 75 from 45

- Attack range increased to 5.5 from 5

- Projectile speed increased to 35 from 25

; Makes them less prone to being crushed, and fragile to area attacks

; They can deal with vehicles much better and makes them more viable when mixed with your tank army


Missile Silo

- Health increased to 1000 from 400

- Nuke deals 50% more damage

; Makes them less vulnerable, and nukes should be strong to kill more than just powerplants



- Speed reduced to 6 from 8

; Makes up for wheel changes

- Cost reduced to 1600 from 2400

; - They are weaker than nukes, and should cost less in that regard



- no longer has sand below it

; It's easier to wall/or protect it with other buildings


Airfield is double sided

- Paratroops drop 8 infantry instead of 5


Spy is double sided (soviets get different effects in certain cases)





- Costs 400

- No longer requires tech center

- Speed changed to 4 from 3

; If you properly escort Thieves, you can cheese over enemy economy and gain an early advantage



- Cost reduced to 250 from 800

- Heal range increased to 3 from 1.83

; Makes them easier to heal and can be used in infantry rushes much better



- Cost reduced to 500 from 950

- Repair range increased to 3 from 1.83

; They can better heal tanks in battle from further away



- Cost reduced to 500

- Damage increased to 20 from 15 & fires 2 shots at once

; They are less bad and can protentially harass power plants and ore trucks


APC replaced by Phase Transport


Phase Transport

- Cost increased to 900

- Fires rocket soldier weapon

- has 5 passenger seats

- retains stealth (which can be detected by defenses, APC's and rangers)

- Moves at same speed as medium tank



- Health increased to 125 from 75

- Range increased to 9.5 from 6

- Projectile speed doubled

- No longer inaccurate at long range

- Note: Since cruiser uses same weapon, Artillery weapon is different so cruiser is still inaccurate


Radar Jammer

- still suck, give ideas


Mobile Gap Gen.

- still suck



- fires 33% faster

- deals 50% more damage

; they took too long too deal their damage, and are more threatening to undefended bases


Yak moved from Soviet to Allies

- cost increased to 1100

- fires 10 missles really fast (400 damage total)

- deals fire damage

; two of these can kill power plants

; three can kill all wood armored buildings

; Although they seem overpowered, it requires 1700$ to build 1 Yak, so spending 3400$ to kill adv powerplants

should make sense and spending 5100$ makes sense to kill all wood buildings

; Scout bases and building SOME AA!


Pillbox & Camo

- Damage increase by 50%

; They are better compared to flametower, and building them around important buildings can stop Q dancing better


Grenadier moved from Soviet to Allies


Chrono Tank

- cost reduced to 2000 from 2400

; they're a little easier to afford


Chrono Sphere

- Cost reduced to 2000

- Vortex chance Removed

- no longer kills cargo

- health increased to 1000

; Allows for interesting transport tactics and reason I removed vortex is pretty obvious


AA Gun

- health increased to 600 from 400

- selection name changed to ZSU-23




Flame Thrower

- can be built from the start

- health increased from 40 to 75

- movespeed changed from 3 to 4


Shock Trooper

- requires radar dome

- costs 600 from 900$

; They cost effectively own tanks, but have poor range and mobility so kiting is an option, or use Artillery/V2's


Attack Dog

- Health increased to 50

- Movespeed increased to 5 from 4

- sight range increased to 6 from 3

; They are like Red Alert 2 dogs, and useful for scouting


Mammoth Tank

- Cannon attack damage doubled

- Speed increased to 5 from 4

; probably doesn't remedy their problem's but they now aren't trash


Iron Curation

- Cost Reduced to 1500

- Health increased to 1000

- Effect duration doubled

; Iron curtain sucks and probably always will

; With mammoth tank damage doubled, you can iron curtain one and OMG! its a threat


SAM site

- health increased to 600 from 400



- deals a total of 320 damage

- cost reduced to 1100

; 2 hit kills any defense building, 1 hit kills light tanks



- Fires 6 fireballs for 70 damage each (420 damage total)

; Basically a nice damage improvement for harassing



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Some very interesting changes and some common sense ones too (making Medics and Spies more useful).


Maybe you could look into not only making ore grow faster but also make it last longer (i.e. takes longer before a cell of ore is depleted?), there's a bunch of RULES.INI keywords which might allow for this.


A note on the name, "3.04" is already used by some other projects like CCHyper's patching project.

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