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Tiberian Sun superweapons (no sidebar icons bug)



Hello! I've been testing out Tiberian Sun on CnCNet a lot lately. And it's great to see a Tiberian Sun actually work in multiplayer for a change, so great job guys!


I've have however noticed that a lot of times when your super weapons get destroyed and you rebuild them the icons don't appear anymore.

This also happens when you sell the barracks or warfactory.


However when you rebuild the barracks and warfactory, the icons still reappear for units so there's no issue here. The issue is with the super weapons alone.

EVA/CABAL does still announce when a superweapon is ready to use. Just no icons to click on.


I've tried selling and rebuilding many times and it doesn't solve anything.

The missing icons I've encountered so far were with the Ion Cannon, EMP cannon, Nod's cluster missile, hunter seeker and also the firestorm generator.


EDIT: I also did some testing in skirmish, and the results are the same.


As soon as I sold one of the buildings, some of the super weapon icons disappear. Note in this picture I've even made a second ion cannon to see if it would reappear.



It also happens after I sold the war factory and barracks. Note: All superweapon buildings are still there, also the firestorm generator. But the icons are gone.



Please help.


Kind regards,



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