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[Red Alert] [CNCNet5] How to get the music back?



Hey guys,

long time no see...  :D


First off I'd like to express that I really love how the new lobby is done and the whole CNCNet thing is running right now.

Great fucking work  :) I've already had dozens of nice red alert and tibdawn games with lot's of players ^^


Though there is one thing I'd like to add to my red alert: The epic soundtrack  :laugh:


Is there a way to get it back or am I the only one who has none?

I mean the all the tracks are in the playlist but my thought is these are placeholders.

Will be no problem to get the .mix file but wich one do I need ande where shall I put it and even more important would this

cause any problems with online playing?


Thank you for your answers  :)

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As far as I know the scores.mix is implentet in the main mix for red alert.

I'm a little bit afraid of replacing the mein mix of red alert with the one from the original CD.


Would be great if there'd be a way to optionally download the soundtraack in the future :-)


Until the I'll use Winamp ^^


Thanks for your fast replies :-D

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