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C&C95 Trigger Help


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I'm trying to figure out what some of these triggers are doing in the missions for TD. Most of it seems straight forward although i have some questions.




In the picture above my main concern is "loop" since i have no idea what that is doing, and i'm not to sure about "guard" right now im guessing it makes the units hold position and guard for a time period?

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I'm gonna explain this out of context.


Well, most of the usage in example you presented doesn't make sense, although they work. Poorly conceived, but work.

In GRD1 and GRD2, the units are moving to their specific point, guarding that spot for a small fraction of time, then keeping looping. I'll explain the "loop" command in a minute.

The GUARD command works with time units, so if you wanna make them as sentinels for a long time, you can put "guard:99". Also, in the above teamtypes you have ATTACK UNITS and ATTACK BASE that work with time units too.


The LOOP command organizes the exception of the loop. So, if you give 6 commands to a teamtype and you put LOOP:2, after the 6th command it will loop back to the 3rd command, therefore leaving command 1 and 2 out of the loop. So you can note that if you have, like in teamtype GRD2, 3 commands and one of these commands is LOOP:1, it will stay repeating command 2 alone, in that case "GUARD 3". The units will Guard for 3 time units and then again and again and etc ...


The best thing to learn the LOOP command is getting a teamtype with 10 commands, and you keep changing the loop parameter and see in-game the difference.

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"Loop", rather unintuitively, does not cause looping; all teamtypes loop by default. Instead, what it does is, it cuts commands OFF the loop. So Loop:0 has no purpose at all.

A classic case of the Loop command is a patrol: it will first have a few Move commands to navigate the units to the patrol start position, then it will have the commands of the actual patrol, and then Loop will cut off all the commands that were just the path to the starting point, so they will only loop from that point.

"Guard" simply makes them wait there for a moment and attack nearby units. Without this, I think patrols might just keep moving without ever even trying to attack the units they meet on the way. The number behind Guard, just as with "Attack Units" and "Attack Base" is simply a timer. I think, on middle game speed in the game, one time unit is one minute. But I doubt anyone plays that slowly :P

The "Attack Units" and "Attack Base" commands are quite lazily put on "99" instead of adding a loop command to cut off everything except that attack command, because the mission programmers assume that after 99 minutes, surely either the attack team is dead, or the defending player is. Which, to be honest, is a fairly accurate assumption :P

You can find a full detailed overview of everything trigger-related and teamtype-related in this text document:


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Hey I was wondering about that, it crashed mine too but I knew it probably shouldn't in the upcoming Remaster.  That's the South Korean author's level, isn't it, Betrayal.  It loaded fine in the level editors.  Good to know you found the issue.

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