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RA1 Allied Campaign Error....


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Hi guys,


Bit of a noob here. I downloaded RA1 - I started the game as the Allies and noticed that someone had actually made their own mission and put it as if it was the game. I have triple checked to make sure I am not choosing the custom or expansion. Basically I have cleared the entire map of any soviet forces, yet it wont just say mission complete. Very annoying!  :ranting:


Any help or is this a bug that cant be fixed?

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Did you maybe install red alert before (a different version) ? or did you ever download some custom missions and tried them ?


make sure you install the game to a clean folder, if there is a loose mission file in the game folder then it will override the original missions

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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Thank you guys! It was the mission folder (SC) - there were two files that looked out of place.


I gathered it was an edit with the miss spelling, thats when it dawned on me.


Appreciate the helps guys, now to complete the game!



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