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Where is the netiquette?


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I was just visiting these forums here for the first time and I am shocked how people are talking to each other in rude and very silly ways. Why is this place (and the CnCnet lobby) so full of people flaming each other and guys trolling around when this community was built by mature people who love the classic gaming series?

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I don't know where you are seeing these rude people at. I don't see it on the forums. I only play tiberian sun on this server and the only rude people ive met are xwis people who migrated over here. the red alert 1 people ive played on tiberian sun seem like the role playing type. but i dont play the other games here so i dont know how they are. but all im saying is if you compare this place to xwis then this play is way nicer from what ive experienced on xwis.


the tiberian sun xwis community is very competitive and aggressive so if you are meeting them on tiberian sun just know odds are they are 99% xwis people who are all very vile by nature.

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