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Old RA1 Unofficial Addon CD - 1000+ Maps


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I don't play RA1, but I recently found an old CD dating from 1997-98, which contains 1000+ maps for RA1 and 300+ levels for C&C1. This is a scan of the cover art:




Here's the download link for the RA1 map for you people to enjoy, hopefully you haven't played them already :) (couldn't upload them on this site)




EDIT: My apologies for posting the thread in the wrong forum, feel free to move

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Uh, this kind of collections are always comprised of "stolen user maps". But as the cd.textfiles.com intro put it:


Who knew that the companies looking for a quick buck through the late 1980's and early 1990's with "Shovelware" CDs would become the unwitting archivists of the BBS age? No one did, but here we are, looking back, muttering thanks to these soulless con artists as we plunder the very data they themselves took from a time now past.


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Thanx for these packs. I haven't tried the RA1 maps yet, but the TD missions (the ones I've tried anyway) seem to only work with the DOS version of TD (I have v1.19p). My Windows version is v1.06c r3 (by Nyerguds), which sadly cannot load these missions, which are btw savegames (as was mentioned above). Is v1.06c revision 3 the latest out there? Is there a way to load these old DOS savegames with the Windows versions of TD (stable and not crash, and preferably without having to do any hex editing :D)?


*EDIT: Nvm, I found this topic -> http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2756.0

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Pichorra is working on that, he was able to convert the maps, but units, structures and infantry, plus the core of the mission (triggers and teamtypes) are still pending or will never be achieved at all.

I'm planning to mass produce the conversion of the maps, but I'm giving some time before doing that.

Let's see if Pichorra has something to comment.

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