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OGz Poiizn - Cheating r/cing games


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Hi CNCNET admins,



I was wondering if you guys have some sort of section where we can report  cheaters?


OGz Poiiizn (tiberian sun) is a convicted cheater from xwis and he is  here ruining many games for us. I am aware that we don't currently have ranked games. But he is ruining many games for us by his excessive cheating and d/cing. I can provide screenshots and a sync report. Please direct me where I can provide this information.


Thank You!

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since hes saying r/c and disconnect hes probably just disconnecting and changing game speed and connection speed over and over until it goes out of sync. or he is just hex editing his funds or other stats to make the game go out of sync. either way i dont think you should ban him just kick him from your games. i really dont think its a good idea to start banning people over "cheating". just leave the game and start a new one. people leave the game all the time when they realize they are gonna lose. if he disconnects or starts trying to recon the game just leave and consider it a win. not a big deal.


just played him. hes not a asshole. doesnt need to be banned lol


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I think pretty much everyone who plays TS here has a list of people they ban on sight for lag, bad behavior, sucking, too good, etc. one dumbass who tries to recon or disconnect can be added to that personal ban list. There's nothing more ban worthy than a pakistan lagger in my opinion. Id rather play a disconnector cheater than suffer the pain of lag.


Worst matches in my opinion are:

1. Laggers

2. Newbs Who Can't Play For Shit

3. Changing Gamespeed To Slowest In A 4/6/8 Player Game

4. Reconing a 4/6/8 Player Game

Disconnecting = Same As Leaving Game/Surrendering Doesn't Matter Unless They Keep Reconnecting LOL But You Can Boot Them


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