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Who would like to see Tiberian Dawn completely redone in the TS engine?


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Eh? No, I mean if you expand the terrain to go from mission 6 to mission 7 if you bombed the wrong building, the commando there still has to get out of there, somehow. Or be removed, or whatever. So that once you recommence the thing but with a base, you don't still have a commando in the enemy base :P


I mean, it's not supposed to be a suicide mission. You can't just let the guy die. The point is the Commando went in, bombed something and got out, but maybe targeted the wrong building. If it goes right on to Carter telling you you bombed the wrong thing, while the commando's still right there, there's technically nothing to stop you from ordering the guy to just bomb something else too.


So to fully emulate that in one mission, this should happen after any building is bombed:

-Battle control is disabled, and the "if the commando dies, lose" trigger is disabled too.

-The commando is shown running off the map, maybe killing more soldiers on the way. Depending on which building he bombed, you can do that either by moving him off to the right side, or maybe if it's one of the buildings in the north row, you could put barrels next to the wall there, make him blow that up and walk off to the north. It's possible the commando doesn't survive this last trip, but that's not really important ;)

-Then, if the correct building was blown up, the mission simply succeeds. If not, you get the next mission's briefing video as radar video, the map expands, and you scroll to the location where your new stuff will be dropped off.

-Battle control is resumed.


Also, to emulate it better, the shroud should really be reset. Not sure if there are triggers that can do that.

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Maybe you can solve this like in TS GDI mission 5 where you must free tratos. When done this, all units of the mutants house suddenly will disappear via a trigger.

So add the commando to a different house than the GDI units. For any building, add a trigger with actions expand map and delete all house members. For the airfield, use a trigger with action player wins.

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Because it's goddamn hard, lol. You can't even get into your heli without first destroying all SAM sites in a wide area around it, most of them close to defences you normally evade in the mission.



Then again, I don't think bombed buildings spawn infantry in TS... which might make the whole mission tons easier. So maybe that could be considered.


Looking at the mission layout, an APC put somewhere around waypoint 11 should be possible to get to, without bomb survivor damage ;)


Then once loaded, the APC can just drive off the map to the east, with the commando.


(do note waypoint 11 is a tank patrol point. Might be best to make the tanks ignore the APC by making it neutral somehow)

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