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there is something i noticed i cant do with CnC gold which i could do one the N64 Version. In N64 version you could assign a team to one of the four C buttons and quick select them. Another function in the N64 Version which allowed you to cycle through threee selections the repair the shield ( which stood for follow this unit around and protect ) which i liked because if make taking care of the harvester easy. Please message me if you can get someone to creat a patch to upgrade CnC95 to better adapt it to the N64 Version.

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You can assign teams with CTRL+1 (or any other number 1-9) and then select them by pressing that number


For the guard mode, it's either CTRL+click, ALT+click or SHIFT+click. One attacks, one follows and one does nothing IIRC

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There is sometings you need know:


Guard Mode:

N64: Z+B

CnC Gold: G



N64: R+A (on Unit)

CnC Gold: Ctrl+Left Mouse Click (on unit)




N64: Unknown

CnC Gold: Alt+Left Mouse Click (On Unit)


Protect Unit:

N64: Press R at you see a shield and click on unit

CnC Gold: Ctrl+Alt+Left Mouse Click (on unit)




N64: Z

CnC Gold: Tab ( |<--- --->| Button)



N64: Not Implemented

CnC Gold: R






Select Team

N64: R+C,Up,Dawn,Left,Right

CnC Gold: Ctrl+Number (1 at 9)


Center the Contruction Yard

N64: Down on Digital Pad

CnC Gold: H


I'm making this topic because i Suffered to adapt to cnc gold (i started play on N64, After CnC Gold is free-as download, i downloaded, installed on my old pc (because on my new not work yet) and started Play!, Tanks For VK's Nyerguds for maded the patch to made it work on Windows 2000/Xp/Vista and tanks too for Scorpion, for Made the Network Lan Fix.)  :)

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thank you so very much im sorry i got the N64 controls mixed up i havent played for a few years lol but i was excstatic when  i found this site it made me cry because the game was being kept alive for that i thank you and also thank you for those controls now i can send my 15 orcas at the enemy no prob lol  :D

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Actually, ctrl+number is ASSIGN team. To select it, just press the number. To select it and center it on your screen, press alt+number.


Oh, N64 also has a function to center on the construction yard, doesn't it? In the PC version that's 'H'.

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