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Window change and dual monitor bugs


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Unfortunately, I have two know bug with the game.


1. I use dual monitor and if I start the game this happen: http://youtu.be/HIQxERxykQI


2. The second problem, if the Windows change window becuse I use alt+tab, or I have a notification (skype call, Virus Scanner etc.) I can't back to the game, because I have graphic problems. If the game will be the background, this happen http://youtu.be/OIllKyvjh-Q


I tried all settings in Old Spice, but I have not been successful. If we can run the game in windowed mode, I think all problem solved.


The CNCNET is a fantastic thing in the universe, so Thank You! :)

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Thank You for reply :)


„this is windows8, right? try to play skirmish/online (do not use the singleplayer button in the launcher)”

Yes, this is a Windows 8. But the problem not solved :(


„Your first problem I have no idea what to do about but you can just ignore it by switching the monitor off?”

Windows+P and change monitor settings to one-monitor.


Thank You again :)

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i know it does not solve the problem :D it was just a test because the cncnet lobby does use a different executable than the singleplayer button, i added a fix for the flickering on win8 :)


so, a cncnet skirmish game with the multiplayer button does excatly the same ? weird :/

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Get the latest files here:





You can try the following things:

dune2000config -> Video Options -> check "Enable DxWnd"

Do a test game and check if the problem still exists


if it didn't help then do this:

dune2000config -> Video Options -> check "GDI Mode"

Do a test game and check if the problem still exists


If it still flickers then try this:

turn off "Enable DxWnd" again


dune2000config -> Video Options -> uncheck "Disable Max Window Mode"

Do a test game and check if the problem still exists


if it worked but the game is now slow:

try to disable "Video Backbuffer" OR try to enable "Force DirectDraw Emulation"


Please let us know if it worked and what settings made it working :)

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