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(cn2) Twin Peaks


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It certainly is very big, you could maybe play up to 4 players if there were start points.

The bases look good, open enough that it's possible to break in, but also closed enough that you can defend.

Looks pleasing to the eye, too. :)


The biggest issue I see is that the tib through the middle means that if you want to attack with infantry, they have to get hurt along the way (unless it's an APC/Trans-heli strike).


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The tiberium in the middle is quite thin and uderdeveloped actually, so it wouldn't damage infantry that much, unless you move them right through the trees. I think a 2v2 is possible too, teammates will just start on the same spot. One can move out towards the first expansion, while the other builds back. If both start building right away it can get messy in those tight spots. It's still doable though. 

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I have had a chance to have some games on this now. It doesn't hurt inf too much, as I suspected, but it can be a little annoying. It does, however, stop people building from on side strait over to the other, which I consider a good thing.

There's enough space to build, but I got a little caught out on my first game.


It certainly looks great while playing on it :D Plenty of resources, and very nicely balanced.


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