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Okay.. I have a 100mb line I am paying for.. I run regular Speed Tests and average out somewhere between 30mb to 50mb over my WiFi connection in my house..  I also play games like Guild Wars 2.. A far more bandwidth eating game then Red Alert.. I also Netflix, never have an issue there.. I even Stream Video's to my tv wireless through both my Xbox and Chrome Cast..


None of these give any issues at all in terms of connection problems.. The odd time it freezes.. But I am pumping far more data through these then Red Alert would use.. I also used to play this game back in the 90's via Dial-Up.. Never had any issues..


My problems sits with connection in games..  If I host a game.. Pretty much 90% of time it will crash in terms of connection..  Also I keep getting non-stop Bad or Very Bad connection stats when I join various games..


I am trying to understand why?  I've tried various router settings..  I've tried various graphic settings (not sure that makes a difference).. Confusing the heck out of me.



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If you disconnect a lot try hosting a game through a different tunnel server. Either the tunnel you keep playing through is unstable or you are playing with people who have an unstable connection.


When playing games throughput doesn't matter as much as latency and connection stability.

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Someone in the chat channel in there told me how to pick a different server when creating a game.. The one I made earlier worked a little better..


However, when joining games, I don't know if it's possible to join a different server.. Or how that works directly..  But in time I'll probably figure it out..


My ping values when I ping www.google.com are always between 20-40ms..  And average out at 29-30 typically..

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